No Branding Information Product Line? Are You Crazy Or Afraid to Make Money

Your seminars are booked solid. All seats filled. Shining reviews from past attendees. But you’re still just scraping by. You can raise your program fee, but then you run the risk of losing participants. That would really put you in a bind.What’s the best way to increase your ROI without losing customers? How can you maximize revenues without raising your tuition? By developing branding information products.Now, unless you’ve been living in a cave, or your internet connection has been down for the past umpteen years, you probably know what information products are. But for those of you who may have been operating under these technologically deprived conditions, information products are a mix of offline and online business materials that brand your business and generate passive income. These marketing products provide extended learning experiences to your seminar participants, and can be in the form of a:* Booklet
* Special Newsletter
* Auto Recording
* Book
* Coaching ServicesYou’re may be reading this article and wondering,” I haven’t been living in a cave. And my internet connection is fine. Why is she telling me this?”Because if you’re struggling financially, chances are: A) You know you should be selling products…but you’re not. Or, B) You’re selling A product–not an entire branding line.WHY are promotional products so important? When you sell business products to your audience, you generate income that isn’t “topped off” by the size of your crowd. You create a passive revenue stream that allows your business to be working, even when you’re not. And, by offering a complete product mix, or total package, you can continually upsell to your clients, and keep the selling cycle going long after your professional speaking engagement has ended.So what’s holding you back? Are you crazy? Or afraid to make money?